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Timeshares Are More Intimate Than Hotels

When Leger conducted a survey on behalf of the ARDA International Foundation it was looking to find out if being on vacation rekindled romantic interest. Interestingly, they found that more than 50% of the respondents were not having more sex on vacation. The primary reason cited was lack of privacy. Timeshare owners, however, have more sex while on vacation (71%).

When families stay in hotel rooms, it makes intimacy difficult, but vacationing in a timeshare affords extra space and privacy, often providing common living areas and separate bedrooms. Timeshare owners can enjoy creating memories with their loved ones as well as having the privacy of a master suiteā€¦the perfect vacation.

Consider renting a timeshare for your next vacation or make an investment in your family’s happiness – purchase a timeshare to assure that special memories (and privacy) are part of your vacation every year.

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